Kainos’ commitment to sustainability is the foundation of this business.

Our current innovation, trademarked as Hybrid Plastic, is a proprietary copolymer blend of materials consisting of recycled resins and additives. The primary source of this resin is a post-industrial consumer product once destined for the landfill. Our source is a polypropylene waste stream that until now could not be processed.

According to the United States Department of Environmental Protection (EPA), re-using one ton of recycled plastic saves 685 gallons (16.3 US barrels) of oil (as compared to making virgin plastic). Additionally, one pound of recycled plastic saves 0.34 gallons of oil that would have otherwise been used in the manufacturing process of virgin plastic products.

Based on sales projections for our multiple product lines, we estimate that the collective impact of introducing Hybrid Plastic™ to the durable goods industry can redirect thousands of tons of recoverable plastic from our landfills. It can reduce our dependency on oil by millions of gallons per year.

For a MSDS sheet on our current formulas, please contact info [at] kainosproducts [dot] com

Products made with Hybrid Plastic™ carry Eco-footprint information educating consumers on the environmental value of their purchase.