Kainos Products, LLC. is bringing new life to the plastics industry. Finally, eco-minded consumers have a better choice when purchasing durable plastic goods.

Did you know plastic comes
from oil?

Blending technologies, we are able to manufacturer low-cost, highly durable goods out of plastic that would have ended up in the landfill, making the world a better place…one product at a time.

Our 100% recycled plastic resin technologies, saves millions of pounds of waste from the landfill each year. And for every three pounds of our recycled resin used, we save approximately one gallon of oil that would have been used in the process of manufacturing today’s virgin plastics.

Product Spotlight

Not just a stronger tote, but a stronger environment.

The 18-gallon tote is a staple in home organizing. Used for back to school travels, garage organization and general storage this is a workhorse tote. And by not using virgin plastic, we reduce our dependency on oil by 1.36 gallons for every tote manufactured.